So it’s not often I do a very nsfw photo. What I mean a very nsfw photo I mean having my bodily fluids dripping. Sue me, but I just felt like going outside my boundaries for a little bit and seek out my adult side. It may not be everyone’s taste but it’s mine and I love it.

I’m showcasing the signs from Short Leash, they’re available at Anti-Event. They’re BDSM related. The signs used in the photos are: Caution Babygirls at play, Slowdown Pet Xing, and Proceed with caution Severe humiliation ahead.


Hair: bonbon – bae hair [unrig]


Top: BUENO-Open Cardigan-HG – Purple

Anklet: [Bubble] – Polka Bow Anklets

Nipple Rings: [ bubble ] Ring Nipple Piercings Slink Hourglass

Fries: +Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter – Spilled Fries Box (Red)

Drink: +Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter – Spilled Soda Drink (Red)

Toy: .:Short Leash:. Squeaky Carrot Mouth Toy – Hop Lilac

Vending Machine: Soy. Vending Machine [Cigarette]

Vending Machine 2: Soy. Vending Machine [Condoms]

Sign behind me: .:Short Leash:. Adult Street Signs // Babygirls at Play [New][@ Anti Event]

Sign 2: .:Short Leash:. Adult Street Signs // Humiliation Ahead [New][@ Anti Event]

Sign 3: .:Short Leash:. Adult Street Signs // Pet Xing [New][@ Anti Event]

Condoms: anxiety %motel hell_ [condoms]

Panties: [Sallie x Body Language] Undressed : Posing Panties 1-B

Cooler: BUENO-Cooler Bangers-Osaka Beer

Kitten: JIAN Kitten Collection :: FaMESHED Bonus Sitting Kitten

Kitten 2: JIAN Curious Kitties :: Gacha Garden Birthday Present


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