Is it summer yet?

Is it summer yet?
A little late with getting my first post out for 2019, but better than never correct? 2019 has been off to a rocky start with myself. I had family emergency and I myself gotten sick which I just gotten over. January has passed me by quickly that my schedule for blogging has been thrown off. So I apologize in advance for all the things that I’ve missed towards the end of December and January
Hair: Tram – F603 Hair – Maroon&Dark Salmon

Head: Genus Project: Genus Head – Baby Face W001

Lipstick: Go – Pure Color Lipstick – Makeup 05 [New][@ Anti Event]

Skin: Lefort by Revoul – Winnie – Tone – RE25 [Genus& Omega] [New]

Octopus: Fika – Ocopoda Fronds [New][@ Anti Event]

Binkin: Sn@tch – Sofie Ruffled Binkinis

Belly Piercing: Momochuu – Kiki Belly Piercing

Choker: Cureless[+] Toony Choker Set v2

Pool: [Commoner] Grown-Up Kiddie Pool / Green

Lip Floatie: [Merak] – Lips Floatie (still)

Beer: Soy. Messy Beer Cans

Floatie 1: {what next} Lazy Summer Floatie (citrus)

Floatie 2: {what next} Lazy Summer Floatie (pink)

Floatie 3: {what next} Lazy Summer Floatie (mint)

Floatie 4: Bee designs Pool Decor Gift

Red Cup: [Commoner] Inflatable Flamingo Coaster

Ball: [BB] Super Low-Effort Beach Ball

Spray: .TeaBunny. Sun-Block Spray [Non-Scripted]

Spray 2: .TeaBunny. Heck-Off Bug Spray [Non-Scripted]

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