So this week, I’ve hosted a Secret Santa party for my friends that joined up and it was a success. I’ve been all around the grid doing advent, hunts, shopping and spending money like everyone else and dead tired. 

I hadn’t spent much money in SL during this month because I’ve becomes disappointed in some of the items. Either I go to the events and see some average items, mind you average enough for me to buy it, it’s Maitreya only. I’m like ffs. I’m not spending <insert insanely abnormal amount of linden for item for body exclusive only I’m going to wear once and forget about it> So I’m not going to spam TP into events anymore and kill my PC to get into events basically dedicated for Maitreya only. 

So I went to Equal10, because I kept seeing these damn jackets that EVERYONE; Yes EVERYONE,  was wearing from Evie. My friend and I always shop and talk about stuff and she was like Syn did you see this jacket from Equal10 from Evie? I said ya but I’m pretty sure it’s for Maitreya only cause that’s how it is. She said I fatpacked it. I said check to see if it’s for Hourglass and I’ll go get it. BOOM, HOURGLASS. 

Anyways people, go to the event Winter’s Hollow to get Fika’s exclusive Hourglass/Freya only item. 


Hair: Sn@tch – Macy Hair – Gothics 

Skin: Lefort by Revoul – Riley Catwa – RE25 [New][@ Kustom9

Eyeshadow: IT! – Catwalicious Eyeshadow 

Lipstick: alaskametro<3 – Kiss of Death Lipstick 

Nipples: Omnis – Cute Nipples – Hourglass v2 [Made only for Hourglass, :P sorry Maitreya and freya users know how it feels] 

Cowl: Fika – Hollow’s Neck Piece [New][Made only for Hourglass & Freya, no Maitreya :P][@ Winter’s Hollow

Body Chain: Blueberry – Iconic Doll – Body Chain – All – Hourglass 

Rings: Moon Amore – Arcano Rings 

Nails: E.Marie – Spoopy Pointed Set 

Belly Ring: Bubble – Basic Belly Piercing Set 

Pose: Serendipity – Perla [Modded just a wee bit] 

Plant: c( TC ) Alien Plant ZBY

Backdrop: anxiety %bedside (gift) 

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