Ham disaster

Ham disaster
So! In my household we didn’t do anything for Thanksgiving because it’s just 3 of us. Instead we made hors d’oeuvres and ate that. So my SL Brother, pictured above, stayed online with me for a few hours. Well one he is Swedish so it was a regular ol’ day for him. While we were on discord voice I started talking about how he can’t cook. Inspired I decided to to a photo with him and reserve the roles, making Syn can’t cook and he refuses to eat. 
I told him the only thing she can cook without burning it is Chicken dishes or some sort of vegetables! Oh, another thing Syn is my height in reality, 5’4″ and she’s standing on a step ladder to show her brother. That’s how tall he is.

KodeineYesterday at 11:46 AM
“It’s still edible, right??’

suckmya** Yesterday at 11:57 AM
When a doggo rejects your food the answer is no

Kodeine Yesterday at 12:15 PM 

Bay Yesterday at 12:19 PM
Couldn’t have said it better myself 


Hair: RAMA. Salon – Amber Hair – Reds 

Collar: Random.Matter – Cermet Collar – Do not Feed 

Top: Osmia – Crop Top – Oops! 

Pants: Caboodle – Mykie Leggings 

Ham: Violetility – Dinner Disaster Set [Comes with Chairs and Tables, not pictured] [New][@ Tennenbaum 2018] 

Utensils: Random.Matter – Disaster Kitchen – Utensils 

Cupcakes: Random.Matter – Disaster Kitchen – Cupcakes – Strawberry 

Piping Bags: Random.Matter – Disaster Kitchen –  Piping Bags 

Dough: Random.Matter – Disaster Kitchen –  Dough

Mixer: Random.Matter – Disaster Kitchen –  Mixer – Blue 

Cake: Random.Matter – Disaster Kitchen –  Sloppy Cake – Strawberry [Rare] 

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