Yes, Daddy!

All posters in the photo are copywritten by their owners. Including MINE. Those are my personal artwork of my character please do not ask where they’re from. 

Anyways, I really wanted to do a really kawaii like photo mostly dedicated to my Sir Saka.  I was going to get the Mommy one for my Ma’am Imzi, but I didn’t get in time. 

Let’s get back on track here, so I wanted to do continue on experimenting with how I take my photos, editing them wise. And I’m starting to get my process down and I love the outcome of it. Anyways if you wish to do photos with me please message me inworld or via flickr :D I am always game and down to do photos with people. Just really shy ^^


Hair: Doe – Nattie – Candy [New][@ Whimsical

Necklace: Neverwish – Booty Bead Necklace [New][@ ROMP

Choker: Can’t Even – Pacifier Choker 

NipplePiercings: [CX] + Teabunny – NGW – Bunny – Pastel/HG 

Belly chain: Punch – Mini Disc Belly Chain 

Navel: Bubble – Heart Belly Piercing Set 

Dermals: Bubble – Heart Collarbone Dermals 

Dermals 2: Bubble – Stars Collarbone Dermals 

Dermals 3: Bubble – Stars Hips Dermals 

Backdrop: HILTED – Yes, Daddy Backdrop – Pink [New] [The Darkness Event

Poster: .random.Matter. – Noticed By Senpai – Poster [Choco] 

Poster 2: .random.Matter. – Noticed By Senpai – Poster [Morph]

Plant: +Half-Deer+ Beary Spring Planter – Panda

Tablet: Wednesday[+] ~ Crystal Life ~ Tablet – common

Clothes: Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Tokyo clothes COMMON

Plushie: [Cubic Cherry] {Grumpy Star} pillow YELLOW (rezz) 

Manga: Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Mangas COMMON

Makeup: Wednesday[+] ~ Back To Univers-E.T ~ Makeup Palettes COMMON

Vape: Wednesday[+] ~ Girls Wounds ~ Candy Ecig – COMMON 

Cube:.TeaBunny. SugarCube Pouf – Stackable

Basket: Wednesday[+] ~ Back To Univers-E.T ~ Laundry Basket COMMON

Drinks: Wednesday[+] ~ Crystal Life ~ Juice cans – common

Food: Wednesday[+] ~ Crystal Life ~ Dango Plate – Common

Pose: Entangled Poses – Grace 1 

[only think not credited are my own artwork of my character. They belong to myself and the artist who drew them ^^] 

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