Blue Drought

Blue Drought
I took the photo as you see above with Black Dragon viewer and below I did a comparison on how it is with -me-. Granted I used someone elses settings just to get a feel of it, but I honestly think I’ll stick to firestorm. To me Black Dragon is just…trying to find the proper word here and my mind has drew a blank. But it’s just not for me. 
I accidently used the wrong headshots for each photo xD so the Right Black Dragon with Firestorm Headshot, and Left is Firestorm with Black Dragon Headshot. I honesty can’t say I see a difference?? Maybe I just been staring at my computer screen for too long to tell. I can see some subtle differences like Firestorm my shadows aren’t as visible, but in black dragon my colors feel more muted. 


Head: Genus Project 

Skin: Lefort by Revoul – Gina Genus Applier – Tone 25 [New]

Eyes: Cureless – Showta 

Eyeshadow: La Malvada Mujer – Tissy eyeshadow [New] 

Lipststick: La Malvada Mujer – Tissy Lips [New]

Hair: Doe: Foxy /Streaks/ – Fatpack

Choker: Ersch – Bowie Choker [New][@ Girl Power

Outfit: Horntail – Yui Outfit – Blue [New][@ Girl Power] 

Rings: Astralia – Magical Rings 

Torso Tattoo: Dysphoria – 6 Tattoo [New] 

Leg Tattoo: Dysphoria – Monument Tattoo 

Crystals: ((LovelyAlien))ShatteredCrystals – Cluster D

Flowers: ((LovelyAlien))FableFlowers_ClusterA_MultiColor

Sofa: AMI:HAI – Pink Lady GACHA -12 

TV: Toro. Stacked Television {VHS}

Sign: AMI:HAI – Pink Lady GACHA -16

Boombox: AMI:HAI – Pink Lady GACHA -2 

Tapes: AMI:HAI – Pink Lady GACHA -3

Backdrop: BUENO-Hallway-Sky 

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