Kreature Feature

Kreature Feature


Skin: Sinful Needs – Forsaken – Outcast 

Tail: Static – R’lyeh Tentacle Tail – Illuminated [New][Hunt][@ Gacha Guild

Cape: cinphul // koronary [busty:red] [New][@ Iron Hill

Sceptre: cinphul // koronary [sceptre:gold] [IWH: exclusive] [New][@ Iron Hill; Hunt] 

Harness: VoluptasVirtualis – Yilak 

Backdrop: -Pixicat- Darkness.Room RARE [New][@ The Epiphany]

Painting: cinphul // distant [vertical floor W] [New][@ Shiny Shabby]

Painting 2: cinphul // distant [horizontal wall W] [New][@ Shiny Shabby

Painting 3: cinphul // distant [vertical wall W] [New][@ Shiny Shabby

Painting 4: cinphul // distant [horizontal floor W] [New][@ Shiny Shabby

Pumpkin: Bloody Pumpkin – The Artist Shed [New][@ Spookzilla] 

Chair: [CIRCA] – “Midnight Coven” Vintage Chair -Grey &Dk Plum (16pos) [New][@ Trick or Treat Lane ]

Bats: {anc} ghost bat 3Li (white) 

Candle: {Lenore} Vertebra Candle

Stool: [CIRCA] – “Midnight Coven” Stool Seat – Black Velvet (21 pos) [New][@ Trick or Treat Lane ]

Table: [CIRCA] – “Midnight Coven” Pentagram Table & Candle – Plum Wood [New][@ Trick or Treat Lane ]

Jar: Ghost in a Jar – The Artist Shed [New][@ Spookzilla ]

Jar 2: Dead Tree in a Jar – The Artist Shed [New][@ Spookzilla]

Jar 3: Essence of Spirit Oil Diffuser (Particles) – The Artist Shed [New][@ Spookzilla]

Rat: Schadenfreude Self 2 Head Running Lab Rat 

Rat 2: Schadenfreude Colorful 2 Head Eating Lab Rat 

Rat 3: Schadenfreude Colorful 2 Head Crouched Lab Rat

Rat 4: Schadenfreude Self 2 Head Standing Lab Rat 

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