Hair: Beusy – Delilah Mesh Hair

Stickers: SugarBun – Cute Face Stickers [New][@ Girl Power]

Bows: Anachron – Spooky Cute Hairclips – Crossbones Pink

Choker: Cureless – Toony Chokers Set

Bracelets: Epicine – Neon Jelly Bracelets Pack


Top: Beautiful Dirty Rich – No Fks Given Tank Top [New]

Bottoms: Beautiful Dirty Rich – No Fks Given Shorts [New]

Belly ring: [Bubble] – Heart Belly Ring

Dermals: [Bubble] – Stars Collarbone Dermals

Dermals: [Bubble] – Stars Hip Dermals

Tattoo: Ahegao – Unicorn Tattoo [New][@ Girl Power]


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