Music is my arena

I’ve been a bit quiet here lately for good reason. Only really close friends and family members knows that I’ve been dealing with being sick. I don’t talk about myself much because I like to be vague as possible when it comes to my real life, but at times it’s like ugh. I did figure out what is wrong with me which is a plus and it is treatable and I did start my medication today, more pills.

The object I mainly wanted to focus on was the music element. If anyone knows me they know I am always listening to some sort of music or know that music influence heavily upon my photos and emotions. This item from 10T&Co. is a huge enclosed room with speakers embedded in the walls & roof. It’s one giant speaker! I’m pretty sure someone anyone could do something much better than I with this, but I wanted to be center fold with this in my arena. My headphones on just jamming out standing strong and proud. Dunno, but it’s a really neat piece of course it’s gacha :>

Music is my arena


Hair: Cubic Cherry – Blossom Hair [New][@ Kurenai]



Top: Insanya – Tube Top – Solid

Skirt: Insanya – Lana Micro Skirt – Prints [New][@ Seasons Story]

Belly Piercing: Artificial Hallucination – Tummy Neko Piercing Prize [New][@ Kurenai]

Recordman: Happy Dispatch – Recordman Set (00) Rare

Choker: Curemore – Punk Chick – Punk Choker – Pure [Modded]

Dermal: Pixel Geek – Leg Star Dermals

Hips: Bubble – Hearts Hips Dermals

Collar: Bubble – Heart Collarbone Dermals

Bracelet: O.M.E.N – Spiked Bracelet – Bubblegum



Pose: Paper Rabbit – Pose 25 – Curvy

WOS Room: 10T&Co. – speaker-room RARE [New][@ Kurenai]

Step Tansu Chest: 10T&Co. –  7.Kaidansu-OR2-Ji [New][@ Kurenai]

Byoubu: 10T&Co. – Byoubu-MKO-L [New][@ Kurenai]

Trash: Schadenfreude Trash3 Kokeshicha Cans[New][@ Kurenai]

Trash: Schadenfreude Crushed1 KokeshiCha[New][@ Kurenai]

Trash: Schadenfreude (closed) Daruma Coffee Ultra[New][@ Kurenai]

Trash: Schadenfreude Crushed2 KokeshiCha[New][@ Kurenai]

Trash: Schadenfreude Trash1 Kokeshicha Cans[New][@ Kurenai]

Trash: Schadenfreude Crushed3 KokeshiCha[New][@ Kurenai]

Trash: Schadenfreude Trash2 Kokeshicha Cans[New][@ Kurenai]

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