High by the beach

"All I wanna do is get high by the beach

Get high by the beach, get high

All I wanna do is get by by the beach 

Get by, baby, baby, bye bye 

The truth is I never bought into your bullshit 

When you would pay tribute to me 'cause I know that 

All I wanted to do was get high by the beach 

Get high, baby, baby, bye bye"
- Lana Del Rey - High by the Beach 

High by the beach


Hair: Besom – Pillow Talk – Reds


Outfit: Beautiful Dirty Rich – Summertime Bikini [New]

Necklace: Amala – The Crybaby Necklace

Anklet: Petit Chat – Playa Anklet Shell & Starfish


Deck: LISP – Mesh – Bergamot Square Decking – Smooth Pine

Pool: [Commoner] Grown-Up Kiddie Pool / Green

Chicken: okidoki- food no.6 – chicken

Floatie: [Merak] – Lips Floatie (still)

Floatie 2: [Commoner] Inflatable Flamingo Coaster

Plant: NOMAD // Neon Plant // Pink

Plant 2: NOMAD // Neon Plant // Green

Plant 3: NOMAD // Neon Plant // Green

Plant 4: NOMAD // Neon Plant // Cyan

Towel: [CIRCA] – “Luna Bay” Beach Towel – Rainbow FEM (18 pos)

Spray: .TeaBunny. Heck-Off Bug Spray [Non-Scripted]

Beer: D-LAB Beer Case

Bong Set: Thor – 3 – Glass Bong + Lighter

Grinder: [NikotiN] Grinder

Packet: [NikotiN] Pocket – Weed (full)

Plant 4: NOMAD // Neon Plant // Yellow

Floatie 3: {what next} Lazy Summer Floatie (citrus)

Floatie 4: {what next} Lazy Summer Floatie (pink)

Floatie 5: {what next} Lazy Summer Floatie (mint)


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