Neon Demon

Okay, Sinful Needs has made some new horns and I’m in love with them. I’ll be blogging all of them throughout the week/month. Right now I am wearing the Golmon Horns. Do NOT be alarmed when you first wear these horns that they’re extremely large. You can resize them in the MESH tab. 

Okay so in order to change all elements on the horns you have to CLICK  on the right side and then click on the left side.

You can tint almost each thing that is on the hud and I showed the pictures of the hud, you can rotate & resize.

Neon Demon


Hair: Discord Designs – Codie – Corroded

Skin: Sinful Needs – Dark Side – Female – Victory

Tail: CerberusXing – Sentinel Tail


Arms: Psycho:Byts – Cyberneon Destiny – Cyberarms Rare [New][@ Pocket Gacha]

Outfit: Psycho:Byts – Cyberneon Destiny – Outfit Pink [New][@Pocket Gacha]

Legs: Psycho:Byts – Cyberneon Destiny – Cyber Legs Rare 2 [New][@ Pocket Gacha]


Horns: Sinful Needs – Golmon Horns [New]

Ears: Sinful Needs – Mesh Fae Ears S5D1

Butterfly: OLQINU – Cyber Survivor – Digital butterfly – reality

Sprockets: Static – Spinal Sprockets – Cyber F

Visor: BluPrintz – Tech Spaces – AI


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