Tick, Tock, down the rabbit hole


Down the rabbit hole she goes


Hair: Love – Curious – Ginger Set [New][@ Enchantment]

Particles: Coles Corner – Cosmic Consciousness Aura – Innocence

Particles: Coles Corner – Glamour Glitter – Shuffle Spring Rainbow


Dress: Ane Fashion – Alice Dress [New][@ Enchantment]


Cabinet: Mooh! – Alice Cabinet [New][@ Enchantment Hunt]

Pose: Poseidon – Falling Alice [New][@ Enchantment]

Clock: MadPea Giant Pocket Watch [Decorcate Exclusive]

Paper: -Pixicat- Flying Paper

Cookies: DISORDERLY. / Elegant Mess / Cookie Plate / Silver [New][Gacha][@ Enchantment]

Tea: DISORDERLY. / Elegant Mess / Pouring Tea / Single / Gold [New][Gacha][@Enchantment]

Cake: DISORDERLY. / Elegant Mess / Cake Slice / Raspberry [New][Gacha][@Enchantment]

Cupcake Stand: DISORDERLY. / Elegant Mess / Rabbit Cupcake Stand / RARE [New][Gacha][@ Enchantment]

Cupcake: DISORDERLY. / Elegant Mess / Cupcake Plate / Gold [New][Gacha][@ Enchantment]

Tea: DISORDERLY. / Elegant Mess / Spilled Tea / Gold [New][Gacha][@ Enchantment]

Sandwiches: DISORDERLY. / Elegant Mess / Heart Sandwich Plate / Gold [New][Gacha][@ Enchantment]

Scone: DISORDERLY. / Elegant Mess / Single Scone Plate / Gold [New][Gacha][@ Enchantment]

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