They were made into monstas

So this was a last minute kind of collaboration between Saka and I. We both wanted the Antinatural[+] set from Lootbox because why wouldn’t anyone not want it? We’re both wearing the Angel lootbox set, but pictured below I am not wearing the wings. FYI, the wings are NOT BENTO; however they do come with pretty particles that come off the leaves where the ‘feathers’ are.

The photo is dark, but I wanted it like that for a reason before anyone starts complaining about oh my it’s dark I can’t see anything. I wanted it to portray that they’re in an alley and the only lights are the huge neons that are making them shine in that one creepy pervert type light.

I did all the decorations this time around and Saka provided the pose. While we were setting up she remarked how she was going to gag me with a rat because I had so many rezzed out and I’m surprised she did. I also told her she could used foreign objects to gag me with, but she wasn’t having it.

They were made into monstas

[To visit Saka‘s blog to get her version of the photo and what she’s wearing click the link.]


Hair: Doe – Carnival Candy – Special Colors [New][@ Lootbox]

Scales: Zombie Suicide – Face Mermaid Scales /

Skin: Fiore – Jade – SPF50 [New][Recently released for Skin Fair 2018]

Eyes: Antinatural – Post-Human – Holy Sight [New][@ Lootbox]


Top: Antinatural – Post Human – Angel Lootbox [New][@ Lootbox]

Shorts: Insanya – Jenna Shorts – Solid

Corset: Insanya – Straps Underbust Corset


Collar: Antinatural – Post-Human – Feeder Choker [New][@ Lootbox]

Cuffs: [Bubble] – Ring Set – White


Backdrop: ANTINATURAL[+] Post-Human / Meeting Point [RARE][@ Lootbox][Part of Angel Lootbox]

Bench: anxiety %escape bench

Neon Sign: anxiety %escape house sign

Flying Rat 1: Schadenfreude Bones Flying Lab Rat

Flying Rat 2: Schadenfreude Colorful Flying Lab Rat

Pose: BellePoses – Couple 29

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