Alien Angel

So it’s going to be a bit of nudity on this post sorry! So this must’ve been the modder in me but SLINK has a new chest mod so you can have small or no bobbies at all. As a woman in real life that constantly complains that her boobs plotting to smother her in her sleep one day I instantly jumped on this piece!

So gents is just for ladies, it’s compatible for original physique body and hourglass. Normally I am either in Hourglass, sometimes Maitreya depends on my clothing choice, but my main body I hear is Hourglass, but today I got the original physique body.

For my photo I wanted to do a bit of a lean alien slender boyish type of body so I was glad I grabbed it anyways, I am going to show you how it looks with and without the augment. Now with the augment you CAN NOT, I repeat CAN NOT wear fitted Physique items for it, lets say like nipple rings. Nope. They will float. If you wear a fitted top it’ll still have it to wear you’ll have boobs.

Earlier I wear a crop top shrug thing from Messy it looked like, but it still have like an outline of the boobs.

[Unfortunately due to computer troubles again, I lost all the photos I taken showing the difference in the boobs, but I’ll do it later on to show how much of a difference the boobs and the augment is.]


Hair: Besom – Girlgang Bun [March group gift]

Skin: Sinful Needs – Mare Lumos [New][@ Skin Fair 2018]

Augment: Slink – Slink Physique Petite Chest Augment [New][@ Skin Fair 2018]

Eyes: Euphoric – Animal eyes & Scream eyes [New][@ Skin Fair 2018]

Eyebrows: Warpaint – Muse brows – Wilds [New][@ Skin fair 2018]

Eyelashes: Bossie – Dramatic Eyelashes [New][@ Skin Fair 2018]

Nails: Slackgirl – Cart Claw Nails [New][@ Skin Fair 2018]

Lipstick: Nar Mattaru – Matte Love – Bolds [New][@ Skin Fair 2018]


Ears: Sinful Needs – Mesh Fae Ears S8D1

Collar: Axix – See you master collar – Black

Tail: Plastik – Rona Tail & Cuff set [Gacha]

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