Hair: Doe – Oni [Candy][New][@ Hentai Fair]

Eyes: Ukiyo – Ureshii [New][@ Applique]

Eyeshadow: #adored – Deitra Sahdows – Powder Puff Edition [New][@ Cosmetics Fair]

Lipstick: Blaxium – Rachel Lipsticks [New][@ Applique]


Lingerie: Insanya – Alana Lingerie Set [New][@ Frou Frou Event]

Ballgag: Zombie Suicide – Leashed

Piercing: Zombie Suicide – Ashley Piercing [New][@ Darkness Monthly]

Piercing: Zombie Suicide – Medusa Piercing [New][@ Darkness Monthly]

Collar: Kosmii – Precision Collar – Silver [New][@ The Coven]

Tattoo: The Little Bat – Crude Carvings [New][@ The Coven]

Nipple Rings: Bubble – Hearts Bar Nipple Piercings [New][@ Hentai Fair]

Nails: Dark Passion: Hauntingly Splattered


Tray: The Horror!~ Tentickle Set – Cutie (MATERIALS)

Tray: The Horror!~ Candy Collection (Bubblegum)

Handcuff: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Handcuffs

Stairs: BigBully – Stair Backdrops Vol 1 – Suspended [New][@ Shiny Shabby]

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