Ma’am & Sir, choose me

Apricot Paws, Zii, updated her Bento Paws and they’re now OMEGA! Which means you can fit them to any body, well. I only own two bodies Maitreya & Hourglass and I was ecstatic to see how perfect they fit for Hourglass.

Since it’s Omega, when you go to purchase these paws at Apricot Paws   , on the wall where the paws are located you’ll see the HUGE OMEGA SIGN and buy that for the paws it’s 99L. Fuzzy butts if you already have the v1.0 paws go to the store and get a redeliver no need to re-buy them. 

They should work with Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus and Slink Physique but please be sure to DEMO if you have any of those bodies. If you have any of the Tonic bodies or anything like that I would still demo.

Lets move on to the HUDs. The Options tab hud is new and this is the most interesting for me. Zii added an shading which is that greyish outline in the photo above that’s the extra layer for those that is lacking shading and want to add some details. You can turn this on and off and you can make it to cover only hand/fingers/fingertips.

Paw pads has a low contrast for better lighter paw pad colours and high contrast for darker paw pad colours.

This is ALSO an interesting part that Zii was considerate and did for those that isn’t mesh savvy or hates to let go of those favorite items. The Retro Bridge Mode it switches to show the wrist incase you want to wear sculpty paws or older mesh paws/hands. So if I want to wear my DSD paws this would be a nice bridge. I hadn’t yet worked with it to see how well it works but I’ll try to take a photo in the future maybe if I remember to see how well it works.

Of course the Claws it’s a shades if you want it dark or light.

Then of course the last Hud is the Tinting tab it’s pretty self explanatory  You can select the skin/fur, paw pads, claws and extra layer to tint. Colors can be saved at the bottom. You can input the RGB or hex color. NOW, if you’re familar with Apricot Paws items sometimes you see these buttons at somewhere on the HUD under where it says Skin/Fur you’ll see about 4 buttons and these are for picking the amount of glow. (off, 0.05, 0.2) and fullbright.

You get Resources for those that are modders the UV maps/Textures boxes are included.

The pro to this is that it’s omega and body friendly, the downside that I had one thing to say is that I wish she made it so that you can do a little bit more with the claws. Like have longer claws/medium/short or no claws at all. Zii, put all hard work into this I know that and I thank her for hearing me when I asked her about making for hourglass so my rating for this product is a 4.6. Awesome Job Zii!!

Ma'am & Sir, choose me.


Hair: Wasabi Pills – Coral Hair – Gingerbread [Tinted] [Still on Sale]

Body: Slink Hourglass

Paws: Apricot Paws – Bento + Omega Handy Paws v2 [NEW]



Lingerie: Oops – Noa Jumpsuit – Pink [New][@ Applique]

Nailpolish: Livia – Diamond Life [New][@ Applique][Will take a better close up]



Backdrop: :HAIKEI: make you feel gacha {3}

Lights: The Horror!~ Heartstring Lights (Black)

Bubbles: Cubic Cherry – {Amore} bubble group OZ hunt

Pose: Paper Rabbit – Pose 29 Curvy

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