Imperfection Beauty


Head: Catwa – Uma

Hair: Doe – Chip – Neons [New][@ Epiphany ]

Skin: Amara Beauty – Daisy – Tone 12

Eyes: Zombie Suicide – Eye Eyes [New][@ Anybody Event]

Lipstick: Mad’ – Fuckyou Lipsticks [Pack 2] [New][@ Applique]



Lingerie: Countdown – Fatima – Yellow Lingerie [New][@ Applique]

Bites: Cureless – Dog Bites [Group Gift]

Dermals: [Bubble] – Star Hips Dermals [New][@ The Seasons Story]



Bed: Kuro – Hanging bed Adult [New][@ The Seasons Story]

Glasses: Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag Gacha – Sunglasses & Candy .04 [New][@ Pocket Gacha]

Purse: Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag – RARE .01 [New][@ Pocket Gacha]

Wallet: Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag Gacha – Makeup bag & Wallet – .02 [New][@ Pocket Gacha]

Lipsticks: Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag Gacha – Lipstick, mascara & Cream .05 [New][@ Pocket Gacha]

Keys: Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag Gacha – Phone & Keys .03 [New][@ Pocket Gacha]

Perfume: Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag Gacha – Perfume & Lipgloss .06 [New][@ Pocket Gacha]

Foundation: Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag Gacha – Compacts & Foundation .07 [New][@ Pocket Gacha]


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