Snow Bunny

So for 2018, Syn has a makeover and she is a blue splotchy bunny. I always was a fan of speckles and I was talking to my gf because we were all hanging about redoing our fursonas and I was like I want a different color for Syn.

And I was searching and searching for a new mod. Now if you don’t know anything about furries and mods we pick several pieces from different avatars we have or we buy different avatars or go to a spare parts places and we texture the hell out of them. But anywys, I love my new look I got a new set of bento ears and tail. I would’ve used the AII bunny set but it didn’t have the outrageous colors I wanted so that was a no go sorry AII and besides, M.O.R’s items is more customize-able.

Anyway’s that’s my little small rant!!



Mod: [p]MI – Splotch Mystic Rabbit Mod [Marketplace]

Hair: Doe – Merry – Snow Edition [New][@ Lootbox] [snow on nose as well]

Body: Maitreya Lara

Body Addons: M.O.R – Rabbit Bento Parts



Top: Pink Cream Pie – Annie Sweater [Pay it Forward Gift]

Leggings: Pumpkin – Cotton Leggings

Shoes: Moda – Tila Ugg Boots [New]



Car: –ANHELO-T04BL-17CGA :: christmas 2017 (blue)

Snowman: [CIRCA] – “Woodlands” Ice Block Snowman – Vintage Red [Advent 2]

Snowman 2: [CIRCA] – “Woodlands” Ice Block Snowman – Vintage Blue [Advent 2]

Winter set: {Petite Maison} Winter Farmhouse Chest /  Winter Banner: Cranberry [Free advent @ Cosmopolitan]

Backdrop: [DDD] Heavy Snow Backdrop

Pose: Paper Rabbit – Pose 89 Curvy [New][@ Kawaii Project]

Foxes: JIAN Arctic Fox


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