Light Deprivation

This was a really fun photo for me. Whenever I wear a piece of Cureless products I let my imagination fly. I try not to think inside of the box because she sure as hell doesn’t and her creation partners don’t.

Okay, I know yall are asking me why purple? A friend of mine asked me the same thing. I have no clue why purple. I thought it was different. Everyone that I’ve seen with the outfit went doll parts and so forth. I have no logic when it comes to the color choices. I just look at it the colors and goes hmm….well if this is deep rich dark plum purple then I want bright items to bring it out. It can be any item.  I’m like a mad scientist when it comes to my color combo’s. Most people have a palette they go from I’m like nope scratch that I have no palette. It can have it’s pros and cons, but in this case it’s a pro for me.

I wanted to be a scarred up woman deprived up light, kind of dead bloated type of woman living up in the attic with moths something like a Bride of Frankenstein type of deal going on. I think i did it pretty well in my mind. To me this is one of my best pictures to date and I absolutely love this photo I am very proud of it.

Light Deprivation


Hair: :::Sn@tch Rhea Hair (ALL COLORS)::: [New]

Skin: Sinful Needs – Lilith Reborn Pride [New]

Ears: Sinful Needs – Fae Ears – S1D1



Corset: Cureless – Anatomic Doll – Organ System [Rare][New][@ Epiphany]

Hands: Cureless – Anatomic Doll – Dolly Hands – Pink [Skin Tinted][New][@ Epiphany]

Tights: Cureless – Anatomic Doll – Dolly Tights – Pink [New][@ Epiphany]

Collar: Darkendstare – Didyme Collar – Light rose + Silver



Skybox: BUENO- No Way Out Skybox

Rack: DISORDERLY. / Abandonment / Hanging Display / EXCLUSIVE [New][@ Epiphany ]

Shelf: DISORDERLY. / Abandonment / Head Shelf [New][@ Epiphany]

Butterflies: [UN] Flutterby Swarm – 88 Swarm

Torso: DISORDERLY. / Abandonment / Pile / Torso [New][@ Epiphany]

Head: DISORDERLY. / Abandonment / Pile / Head [New][@ Epiphany]

Legs: DISORDERLY. / Abandonment / Pile / Legs [New][@ Epiphany]

Hands: DISORDERLY. / Abandonment / Pile / Hands [New][@ Epiphany]


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