Furrday the 13th

Happy Howlloweeen guise, I hope you went out and had fun! Today is the last day for a ton of things one of all is The Gacha Guild: The Hallows 2017! The Hunt and everything ends and it’s a pretty big chance that some of these gachas will NOT be in the store. So please go there and do the hunt and look around :D it’s worth it trust and have a good one see yall next year!


Base Avatar: [M.O.R] – Hallowpup – 4 – Husky Inverse [New][@ The Gacha Guild: The Hallows 2017]

Mod: Darkendstare – Hallowpup – Slasher Mod Pack [New][@ The Gacha Guild: The Hallows 2017]

Dog House: .peaches. This is Halloween /w Pumpkins [New][@ Once upon a Nightmare]

Fog: [DDD] Creeping Fog – Round/Dense

Haze: [DDD] Spooky Haze Cloud

Tombstone: DRD BDH – Tombstone Chris P. Bacon

Candle: ::Static:: Catskull Candle – Bleached

Knife: *katat0nik* (Kinfes! hunt prize) Butcher Knife

Pumpkin 1: (glow)HPMD* Halloween Pumpkin (hunt only) – green B

Pumpkin 2: (glow)HPMD* Halloween Pumpkin (hunt only) – orange A

Tree: ~*SR*~ Timeless Sleepy Hollow Sapling

Pumpkin 3: (glow)HPMD* Halloween Pumpkin (hunt only) – yellow E

Pumpkin 4: (glow)HPMD* Halloween Pumpkin (hunt only) – white E

Pumpkin 5: (glow)HPMD* Halloween Pumpkin (hunt only) – green C


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