Party never stops

Okay this photo may come off as a bit chaotic, but in my mind it made sense to me. I’ll try to explain it I was thinking of like a pretty stitched up demon sort of broad in this regal, but modern type of style manor. I hadn’t been in like the best of mind frame, because of real life matters but I thought this was a fun little thing to do! Don’t forget some of these events close at the end of the month so please don’t forget to go visit some of these places!!



Hair: :::Sn@tch Vamp Hair ::: [New]

Lipstick: The Little Bat – Winnie Lips [New][@ The Underdog Event]

Eyes: Michan – Miuya Eyes [New][@ The Underdog Event]



Outfit: :glutz: slayer suit / hourglass [comes with wings back and lower back] [New]



Candy: :::ChicChica::: Scolopendra candy [New][Free][@ Once upon a nightmare]

Tail: CX – [CX] Yule Lord Tail (Silver)

Collar: [CX] Yule Lord Collar – (Silver)

Cuff: [CX] Yule Lord Cuff – (Silver)

Crown: Luas Nightmare Crown

Earrings: [ bubble ] Spider Love Earring [New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Cross: :Z.S: Broken Bracelet Cross [New][@ The Darkness Chamber]

Stitches: Mercier – Frankenstein Cute Stitches [New][@ Applique]



Pose: Stonerella – Kitsune 4 [New][@ The Underdog Event]

Building: Scarlet Creative Blair Keep

Chair: Oubliette- Lilac Velvet Victorian Chair

3D Frame: -=FORSAKEN=- Wish you were here 3D sign [New][@ The Underdog event]

Bug: kosmii :: Cordyceps Beetle (natural) [New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Art 1: :CP: Kitsch Sir Bones Art

Art 2: :CP: Kitsch Madam Witch Art

Chandelier: Eugenia Chandelier Small

Mirror: OLQINU : gothic nightmare <melting mirror> [New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Skull: ::Static:: Catskull Candle – Bleached [New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Candle: *pm* Birthright 7 Day PrayerCandle – Death/White [Free][@ Birthright Hunt]

Candle 2: *pm* Birthright 7 Day PrayerCandle – Life/Green [Free][@ Birthright Hunt]



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