Party never stops

Okay this photo may come off as a bit chaotic, but in my mind it made sense to me. I’ll try to explain it I was thinking of like a pretty stitched up demon sort of broad in this regal, but modern type of style manor. I hadn’t been in like the best of mind frame, because of real life matters but I thought this was a fun little thing to do! Don’t forget some of these events close at the end of the month so please don’t forget to go visit some of these places!!

Party Never Stops


Hair: :::Sn@tch Vamp Hair ::: [New]

Lipstick: The Little Bat – Winnie Lips [New][@ The Underdog Event]

Eyes: Michan – Miuya Eyes [New][@ The Underdog Event]



Outfit: :glutz: slayer suit / hourglass [comes with wings back and lower back] [New]



Candy: :::ChicChica::: Scolopendra candy [New][Free][@ Once upon a nightmare]

Tail: CX – [CX] Yule Lord Tail (Silver)

Collar: [CX] Yule Lord Collar – (Silver)

Cuff: [CX] Yule Lord Cuff – (Silver)

Crown: Luas Nightmare Crown

Earrings: [ bubble ] Spider Love Earring [New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Cross: :Z.S: Broken Bracelet Cross [New][@ The Darkness Chamber]

Stitches: Mercier – Frankenstein Cute Stitches [New][@ Applique]



Pose: Stonerella – Kitsune 4 [New][@ The Underdog Event]

Building: Scarlet Creative Blair Keep

Chair: Oubliette- Lilac Velvet Victorian Chair

3D Frame: -=FORSAKEN=- Wish you were here 3D sign [New][@ The Underdog event]

Bug: kosmii :: Cordyceps Beetle (natural) [New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Art 1: :CP: Kitsch Sir Bones Art

Art 2: :CP: Kitsch Madam Witch Art

Chandelier: Eugenia Chandelier Small

Mirror: OLQINU : gothic nightmare <melting mirror> [New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Skull: ::Static:: Catskull Candle – Bleached [New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Candle: *pm* Birthright 7 Day PrayerCandle – Death/White [Free][@ Birthright Hunt]

Candle 2: *pm* Birthright 7 Day PrayerCandle – Life/Green [Free][@ Birthright Hunt]


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