Welcome to the dollhouse

Welcome to the dollhouse


Skin: Amara Beauty – Miriela – Fantasy Tone 10 – Catwa Applier

Hair: Nyne – Caro  Hair – Red Pack [New][@ The Underdog Event]

Third Eye: Sinful Needs – Occularum 2 Third Eye – Unhas 2.29 [New]



Collar: CX – Yule Lord Collar – Silver

Gloves: {-Maru Kado-} Hello my Doll [New][Free, The Nightmare Event Hunt]

Blindfold: {-Maru Kado-} Blindfold hello my doll [New][Comes with sewing needle][@ The Nightmare Event]

Bodysuit: Curemore – Patient Cage – Bodysuit Rare



Doll: {-Maru Kado-} Hello My Doll [New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Pose: Poseidon Silent Heals [New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Building: Kuro – The Nordic house [New]

Hands: OLQINU : gothic nightmare <mystery hand sculpture> RARE [Gacha][New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Paper: OLQINU : gothic nightmare <horrible documents> [Gacha][New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Table: OLQINU : gothic nightmare <spooky storage> [Gacha][New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Eyes: OLQINU : gothic nightmare <eyeball jar> [Gacha][New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Blood: OLQINU : gothic nightmare <blood bottles> [Gacha][New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Books: OLQINU : gothic nightmare <sorcery books> [Gacha][New][@ The Nightmare Event]

Pumpkins: Soy. Pumkins [skull], [cobweb],  [white dots] , [stlipe]

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