The Hallows are upon us

The Gacha Guild: The Hallows has opened it’s doors last night at Midnight and let me tell you this event has some extremely nice items for fur and humans alike. It’s featuring some top notch designers such as Ambix, Static, Nekomomo, Darkendstare, Furry Fashion, Apricot Paws, Double Decker Doggo and more!

It’s plenty of items for Kobold, Kuroo, Rei’s Fitted chest, Maitreya body, and of course can’t be furries without complete new avatars there right? Well the event last till the end of October so you have plenty of time to get in your gacha plays, and the best part about this event just like last time it’s the HUNT. The Hunt starts around the 15th of the month and it’s new, bigger and better than before! Trust me the Gacha Guild: The Hallows is event worth visiting and not something to miss!

I welcome you to the Hallows 2017!

The Hallows is upon us


Hair: Ploom – Lottie – Unrigged – Colors

Avatar: Utilizator – Kemono – Bento

Head: Paws – Feline head

Skin applier: Nekomomo – Skelli-Kat – Dead Lolita [Gacha] [Previous Round of The Gacha Guild: The Hallows, available at main store]



Outfit: Melonbunny – S.T Uninform – Kemono – Rare [Gacha]



Tails: Ambix – Deathly Tail [Canine] Naturals [New][@ The Nightmare Event]



Critters: Ambix – The Mandible – Pale Man – Incisor #04 [New][@ The Gacha Guild: The Hallows]

Critters 2: Ambix – The Mandible – Rot Razor #09 [New][@ The Gacha Guild: The Hallows]

Critters 3: Ambix – The Mandible – Strangle -Incisor #01 [New][@ The Gacha Guild: The Hallows]

Building: Ninety – #places Sweet [Rare]

Pose: Paper Rabbit – Poses 13-18 [New][@ Salem]


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