I spy Chicken

This has been such a busy month for me blogging wise it’s not even funny. Like I am about to go on a melt down. Compared to some of my collaborations I’ve done recently this was very spare of the moment, but we’ve been talking about it for a couple of weeks. Saka and I are kind of night owls so we were just like lets get this over with type of deal. lol. It’s been fun taking photos with several different people and exploring different stuff. I do have another collaboration coming up in a couple of days with another new friend, but that’s a different post.

So let’s explain the story here with the photo. Everyone of my friends know that I -LOVE- chicken. It’s an understatement if I didn’t eat some sort of chicken that day something is wrong, so I picture Saka and I going out to a food festival or strolling the endless carts of food and their is chicken stalls every where and Saka is not trying to hear it. She’s like bring your behind on and come on! But I’m like ugh, I want chicken! Chicken everywhere! CHicken here! Chicken there! Gimme Gimme gimme!!!!!! Gotta love it!

I spy chicken

Anyways if you wanna see what Saka is wearing please visit her blog :3

Also please don’t forget we have two discord channels available for you to join

SL Blogger Chat

SL New Release Feed  

Hair: Doe – Punk Queen [@ Rewind: 70s Punk]



Dress: Insanya – SadiDress

Collar: Axix – Sailor Slave [Blue]

Shoes: CX – Werapped Himo Geta  2- Black [Gacha]



Lanterns: {anc} 10 – Camellia – lanterns gold

Backdrop: Wetcat & Lemon – Alley backdrop

Cart: Asteroidbox – Ramyeon Cart [New][@ Whimsical ]

Pose: Foxcity – Mannequin – 7 [Fatpack Exclusive] [New][@ The Hidden Chapter]

Chicken: RH – Agemono – ya – karaage – fried chicken [gacha]

Chicken: RH – Agemono – ya – tebasaka – chicken wing [gacha]

Big Chicken: RH – Oyassan – Daddy Chicken – Delivery


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