Cult of Personality

I am the newly owner of SL Blogger Chat of the discord channel. I took over for Whispy after she sought in real life duties and I told her I would hold the fort down till she comes back.

This week, I took over for one of our admins who is also in the process of in real life matters and I made a small challenge for our bloggers. Most bloggers are shy and don’t like to get off their platforms to mingle. They shop, and go home. Well I made them get off their platforms and pick a partner or partners and blog! Make friends with their fellow bloggers. Well this time I picked someone of my choice and I picked Choi.

Why? I’ve always admired Choi even before I’ve gotten to know her. She’s really sweet lady and the one thing that drew me to her was her unique avatar. We both have unique traits to our avatar that thats what I wanted to showcase within our post. Most of all Choi’s post’s are all bright and colorful and she doesn’t really do alternative goth style like I do because personally that’s my style in real life. So with Rewind in full effect I told her to go shopping find stuff she can wear doesn’t matter if it’s from Rewind or not get dark and lets take a photo.

I really had fun working with Choi and well I have fun withing with all of my collabs to be honest. Look forward to more collabs. If you’re interested in any discord channels I am apart of please do not hesistate to contact me inworld I’ll include all invites below. Don’t forget to visit Choi’s blog It’s worth the visit.

Choi’s BlogAchoo-E

SL Blogger Chat

SL New Release Feed 

Cult of Persoanlity


Hair: Lock & Tuft – 1975 FLF Fatpack

Body: Maitreya – Lara



Top: Osmia – Anarchy Gacha – Blouse – Maitreya – Pink [New][@ Rewind 70’s Punk]

Belts: Osmia – Anarchy – Gacha – Belts – Maitreya – Blue [New][@ Rewind 70’s Punk]

Skirt: Osmia – Anarchy – Gacha – Skirt – Maitreya – Tartan Blue [New] [@ Rewind 70’s Punk]

Shoes: Moda – Willow Spiked Flats [New]



Collar: Neverwish – Zee Spike Collars

Cuffs: Schadenfrude – Spikes/Neutral Leather De Rigueur Cuffs

Earrings: The Plastik – Jestyr Earring – Spiked – Noir

Rings: Ama – Spiked Rings – Vista only [Gacha]

Glasses: [Bubble] – Bijou Cateye Glasses

Septum: The Horror! Anarquismo Septum [New][@ Rewind 70’s Punk]

Nails: Slackgirl – French nails – Gift



Scene: anxiety %shoplifters [New][@ Rewind 70’s punk]

Sign: /anxiety/ they’re insane (SL14B gift)

Sign 2: CUREMORE / Punk Chick / Anarchy Neon / Blue [New][@ Rewind 70’s punk]

Speaker: Stage Speaker .:Space Engineer:.

Chair: anxiety %shoplifters (single chair)

Case: D-LAB Beer Case

Guitar: *Epic* So.Sad Electric Space.Guitar! {T.C}[Beat.Down]RS

Beer: Kalopsia – Pack of Beer [Gacha]

Beer 2: Soy. Messy Beer Cans

Trash: ~UrBaN SpIrIt~ Trash Bag 4 (black) , Trash Bag 2 (Black)

Sign 3: anxiety %el cactus de mi abuela


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