Slippery when wet



Skin: Mudskin – S7

Eyes: Anetielle – Mermaid Eyes

Contacts: Naminoke – Kingyo – lives in my eyes – C-6 [Gacha]

Teeth: CerberusXing – After Meals Fangs [Group gift]



Crown: Neverwish – Tentacle Gacha – Gami Gacha – Tenta Crown – Purple [Gacha]

Tail: Moon Amore – Skelly Mermaid Bento / Ursula [New][@ Indie Teepee]

Fish: [][]Trap[][] – Fishy Ears

Bracers: Sweet Lies – Ligia Bracers – Blue [Gacha]

Dorsal Fin: Sweet Lies – Ligia Dorsal Fin – Blue [Not shown, but wearing][Gacha]

Hand Tentacles: Drastic – Tentacle Jewelry – Light Pack [New][@ Genre]

Tattoo: Naminoke – Kingyo – Moving Tattoo Face 1 – Red Set



Pose: Foxcity – Underwater – Pose 4 [New][@ Tres Chic ]

Rocks: FantaSea – Aww Shucks

Tentacles: Neverwish – Tentacle Gacha – Gami Gacha – Tenta Seat Rare [Edit]

Kelp: Lovefox – Dry Kelp Large

Seaweed 1

Tentacles: Fawny – Stolen by Tentacles.Decor – Mint

Tentacles: Fawny – Stolen by Tentacles.Decor – Purple

Trident: uK – Deep Sea MerQueen Trident

Spiky Coral

Fish – School

Fish – Yellow

Fish – Dark

Fish – Light Blue


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