I am the captain

“I am the captain and this is my shrine.”
“Lord of the manor. See what I leave behind.”
“River in flames, cities on fire.”
“Yes, I’m a relic trapped in the wire.”

I am the captain


Hair: Tableau Vivant – SLB14 Gift

Skin: Mudskin – Sam 12

Eye: Clemmm – I’m Tired / Green Bloodshot – Regular



Outfit: 1313 Mockingbird Lane – Shiver me Timbers – Purple [Comes with Skirt& Sarong, Hat, Panties, Top]  [New][@ Genre]



Collar: Xansa – Davy’s Lock [New][@ Genre]

Bracelets: Bliensen + Maitai – Surabaya Johnny – Bracelet [New][@ Genre]

Ciagrette: Zoom – Cafetin Cigar – Holder

Eyepatch – Soy – Eyepatch



Desk: {Lore} – Captain’s Desk [New][@ Genre]

Chair: {Lore} – Captain’s Chair – Adult [New][@ Genre]

Books: {Lore} – Books & Candle [New][@ Genre]

Jug: {Lore} – Captain’s Stash [New][@ Genre]

Plant: ((*DMC*)) Plant 10 on pillar light

Map: {LORE} – Treasure Map [New][@ Genre]

Letter: {LORE} Captain’s Note [New][@ Genre]

Candles: {LORE} Three Candle Cluster [New][@ Genre]

Scrolls: {LORE} Scrolls [New][@ Genre]

Dinner: [DDD] Clearable Plate – Chicken, Rice, & Asparagus

Treasure: {LORE} Treasure Chest [New][@ Genre]

Sphere: {LORE} Armillary Sphere & Books [New][@ Genre]

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