These are my familiars

These are my familiars


Hair: Doe – Anna [Bishbox Exclusive]

Skin: Glam Affair – Moana – Africa [New][ @ Lootbox]

Eyes: La Petite Morte – Clarity eyes – Blue & Green

Make-up: Birth Skins – Peacock – Set 1



Outfit: Nightmare – Herana Set

Stockings: Cureless – Bakeneko / Nekotabi Stockings / Luna [New][@ Lootbox]

Getas: Cureless – Bakeneko / Kitty Geta / Ebony [New][@ Lootbox]

Collar: Suicidal Unborn – Adreana Collar Gold

Bindi: Lumae – Aaina – Sapphire & Amethyst [New][@ Midsummer Enchantment]


Couch: 5, [[RH]] -IZAYOI- SOFA (L)

Food: [Soul Mates] Tortoise Cakes

Food 2: [Soul Mates] Wagashi – Eat My Heart Out

Food 3: [Soul Mates] Sakura Gankyu Wagashi (Freebie)

Drink: [Soul Mates] Sakura Sake Dama

Bamboo: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bamboo Vase

Pets: Jian – Floppy Ear Bunny :: Static

Pose: Foxcity – Leaning Sitting Bento Pose Set – 6 M [Please note that I modded this pose to fit me more so, but tried to stay true to the base of Original as possible.]



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