Everything is Black



“Black is my life”
“Black is my soul’
“Black are the things that I’ve never told”
“Black are my thoughts”
“Black is my heart”
“Black is the love that tears us apart again”

Everything is black


Hair: Olive – The Audrey Hair – Bubble Goth [New][@ The Arcade]

Skin: Glam Affair – Molly

Eyes: Curemore – Scar Tissue – Allergic Eyes [New][@ Gacha] [Mainstore]

Hand: Katat0nik – Iron Cage Hand – Bento



Outfit: Curemore – Scar Tissue – Patient Cage [Rare] [New][Gacha][Mainstore]



Mask: Astralia – Private Property Set

Drool: Dirty Secrets – Bento Drool [New][@ Kinky Event]

Collar: AsteroidBox – Nailed Posture Collar

Cuffs: CerberusXing – Decaying Cuffs – Light Rust

Wings: M.O.R – Lost Cherub Wings – Black Ink

Tail: Drastic – Bento Open Heart Tail

Collar 2: Ama – Forever Yours

Nails: Spellbound – Spooky Salon – Creature Claws

Face Scars: Curemore – Scar Tissue – Wide Eye [New][Gacha][Mainstore]

Body Scars: Curemore- Scar Tissue – Big Cat Scratch [New][Gacha][Mainstore]

Knuckles: Curemore – Scar Tissue – Knuckles [New][Gacha][Mainstore]

Chest Scars: Curemore- Scar Tissue – Sephiroth – 20 PULL reward special [New][Gacha][Mainstore]


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