Through victory, my chains are broken

Zema Daashrual, the defector. It’s true, I was once a Jedi who saw was influenced by the ways of the dark side. As a Togruta it’s natural for us to gather in groups and be with a tribe, but I always felt different and never wanted to be with everyone else. I forced myself to do these things of tradition Togrutas’. We are naturally connected with the force and thus easily made into Jedis’. As a oddity among my kind I soon sought different paths than the light. Very few Torgutas’ are left since the Massacre of Ossus

The Jedi Masters at the academy saw the unfaithfulness in my and thus knew I would stray even as I forced myself to try to be true to their teachings. I was soon taken under the wings of a very powerful Darth who taught me the ways of the Dark side.  Everyone knows how this story goes, the Rule of two. Let’s just say I am defending my place on the Dark Council and those that wish to take my place shall dare be prepared to meet my saber…

Through victory, my chains are broken.


Avatar: Stargazer Creations – Velveteen Avatar Special Edition [@ Genre]

Eyes: Rabid Squirrel – Catelina Eyes [Mix] [@ Marketplace]



Top: LFC – Knightress – Top – Brown [@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival]

Skirt: LFC – Knightress – Skirt – Brown [@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival]

Boots – Breathe – Stargirl Boots – Black [Not Shown]



Bindi: Cubic Cherry – Panic Button

Gloves: Lab737 – Scythia Arms – Noir

Saber: The Forge – Dual Staff [Rare] [@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival]

Collar: Provlivity – Neck Corset Collar – Black



TVs: *Paper Moon* Ghosts in the Screens (Horz + no plug) – Ripple,  (Horz + no plug) – Error, (Horz + no plug) – Movie, (Vert + no plug) – Static

Computer: Blu Printz – Ark Computer

Charts: Blu Printz – Star Chart

Rug: [CIRCA] – “Northern Boudoir” Area Rug – Red Damask

Throne: Fifa Core – Renmiri – Sci Fi Throne [Marketplace]

End table: Aluveaux Technologies – End Table

Lamp: Thegs – Mesh Modern Lamp GS [heavily modded]

Ceiling Light: Hate This Home – hexaspots – triple, short

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