Enjoy your descent

There was no way, 

No light inside

No one to hear

The final fight

Don’t you want to see this part of me. 

I shake your hand but I disagree 

You need the money – I need your life

Your blood runs like honey from my knife

The delicious flavor of all these lies 

A little favor to the blinded mice. 

Enjoy your descent


Hair: Barberyumyum – 83 red

Eyes: Devae – Diabloist – Illuminated & Dreamer – Dryad



Outfit: LISAN – Evil Uniform – Blood

Shoes: LISAN – Evil Shoes – Blood




Mask: Cureless – Implanted Mask – White – Black

Katana: LISAN – Evil Katana with blood

Bag: Zenith – Leather School Bag

Blood: Ama. – Blood Splatter



Background: Anxiety – %nightvision (w/light) [New][@ The Chapter 4]

Trashcan: Soy. CSC – Trash box

Papers: Soy. Papers – spread [C]

Sign: The Horror!~ Sin Cross Neon Sign (Green) [New][@ Memento Mori]

Sign 2: Soy. CSC – Poster “put garbage in trashbox”

Bodies: [ContraptioN] Props: Wrapped Corpse *side 2 flip B* / *cdown 1 B*

Body pieces: Cureless – Skeletal System – Pure

Bench: Soy. CSC – Promotional Bench

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