Bland Bam Friday

So I am a little worn out on blogging this week and I decided to take it a little slow and just mash some items together and it came out as a cute little outfit. I used a skirt out first, but I didn’t like how the pose made the skirt look so I took it off and replaced it with some pants. Sometimes ya gotta do what you gotta do.  Also, I am so in love with this hand from Katat0ink. I swear one of these days if she opens up her blogger list I am gonna have a heart attack because that is like my dream.  Katat0ink if you’re reading this! listen to me!!! This hand is really nice for those that are into the Roleplay scene or just want to enhance their avatar in a different way. I am glad bento is coming out and creators and doing different things with their mesh it’s awesome. I can get Syn human how I see her. I just wish the furry world would catch up a wee bit :/ These days I feel more human than fur and I miss my fur even though I do love the bento ears from AII cause those my baby lol, but anyways today was a more chillax day so I’m sorry ‘sponsors’ that it’s a blah photo but come on, we ‘bloggers’ can do simple photos from time to time. Cut me some slack here!


Bland Bam Friday



Hair: Doe – Anna – Bishbox Exclusive



Shrug: Blueberry – Sera – Mini sweater

Top: Alterego – Selena Bustier 1 [New]

Pants: Sn@tch – Debbie Ripped Rocker Pants



Collar: Suicidal Unborn – Adreana Collar Gold  Uncommon [New][@ N21][Gacha]

Anklets: Bubble – Bow Pearl Anklets Set

Hand: Katat0nik – Black – Bento Iron Cage Hand[New][@ Sanarae]

Headset: Tukinowaguma



Circa Living: “Dominion” Ornate Weave Mirror – Carbon Black

Circa Living: KRYON:  Curve Lounger – Colours

Circa Living: “MONTANE” Topiary Planter2 – Multi Granite

Circa Living: “Dominion” Area Rug – Pattern 1 – Dark Grey

Circa Living:  :KRYON: Claw Pendant Light – Black

.random.Matter. – Dorm Life – Soju Bottles [Gacha]

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