Her business is not exclusive just to the streets but establishments buy her products. Lucky was a well known place for all the depraved and those twisted enough to get their jollies off. If you wanted to dress up in a Superman costume and have Batman spank you then Lucky was the perfect place for you. The people here at Lucky wish to escape reality for that few hours, seconds or days and I bring them that in my handy dandy bag.  So when you see me coming through the doors of Lucky all fantasies are about to become realities.



Hair: Elikatira – Haley – Reds [Sale]

Eyebrows: Nightmare – Tigre Brows [New][@ Suicide Dollz]

Skin: Glam Affair – Alma [Applier Only]



Dress: Insanya – SubDress [New][@ Whore Couture]

Shoes: Moda – Bound Chain Platforms – Special Edition v.2 [New]



Glasses: Darkendstare – Rose Charm Glasses – Silver [New] [@ Kawaii Project]

Cuffs: Darkendstare – Sweetheart Cuffs – Purple/Black



Plant: Soy –  Potted Cheese Plant [Black]

Candles: LiViD – Day Of The Dead Candles

Sconce: Circa Living – “Nocturne” Wall Candle Sconce R – Black / Violet

Neon Sign 1: Sirius – Neon Sign – XXX [Marketplace]

Neon Sign 2: Free.Bird – Lucky Neon Sign

Ashtray: Yoneya – Cigarettes and Ashtray 3

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