Vandal Business

What’s the best to do your undercover operation as the Madame of selling dope? Selling Vandal items to other hooligans that’s what. Once you sell those items they’ll need the good good to cope with whatever they’re doing! Syn’s plan is going just fine the Zoanthrope is settling in just fine to her new territory. She even adopted a new lab pup she called Bugsy after the notorious gangster.


I wonder what’s in store next for this Zoanthrope, stay tuned more of the Zoantrope Choices.

Vandal Services


Hair: Ploom – Anya – Reds

Eyes: Lut – Fantasy of Love [Marketplace]

Nose blush: Pichipichi – Nose Blusher [Marketplace]

Cheek Blush: Pichipichi –  Heart Blusher [Marketplace]



Dress: Sn@tch – Finley Tank Dress [New]

Sneakers: M.Birdie – Leah Look – Shoes Black [New][@ The Arcade]



Braces: Konpeitou – Kawaii Bento braces – Catya M

Bunny Pieces: Aii – Cotton Usagi

Nails: Spellbound – Spooky Salon – Spoopy Dark [New][@ The Arcade]

Cuffs & Collar set: Darkendstare  Sweetheart – collar & cuffs [New][@ Kawaii Project ]



Cart: Soy. Cardboard Box Cart

Boxes: Soy. Six Cartboard Boxes

Booth: NOMAD // Vandal Tools Shop [New][@ The Arcade]

Fence: Soy. Wire Fence Wall Panel + ALL Accessories

Backdrop: RAMA – #selfie_RAMA White Walk

Bag: BUENO -Taco Bag-Wearable

Coffee: .Reckless. – Bean Juice

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