All she wants is my Broccoli

After a long day of playing Madame and potty training two puppies and endless fighting with  your suppose loved interests. A girl need to relax and calm down and what’s a better place to do it at is the club Love Hotel. It’s her favorite hangout spot and where she met most of her special interests.

Before she even goes in. She is approached by a familiar person whom she shared many encounters with and a home. Unphased by the approached she lights up her blunt and leans against the railing. The slinky feline mix species  takes liberties with the zoantrope and wraps her limbs around her curvy frame. Syn blows her smoke in Imzadi’s face and she frowns up some before staring down at her. A silent exchange between them proceeds and they both know what’s going to transpire into the evening later.

Should Syn now tell Imz that she adopted two new puppies or wait till they get home? Hmm….

All she wants is my Broccoli


Hair: Doe – Arely (twotone) – Reds

Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body



Outfit: Sn@tch – Moon Club Dress

Gloves: CerberusXing – Iron Maiden Gloves – Black [New][@ The Arcade]

Boots: Nightmare – Gothic Victoriana Boots [New]



Glasses: Code-5 – Smeralda – V-01

Braces: Konpeitou – Kawaii Bento Braces

Bunny Parts: Aii – Cotton Usagi Set

Collar: Zombie Suicide – Love Struck Collar



Backdrop: anxiety – %integer.backdrop

Plant: Circa Living – “KAIU COAST” Palm Floor Planter

Couch: Circa Living – MOON: Retro Bench Sofa – White & Black

Sign: Anachron – Neon Dystopia Signs Gacha – Love Hotel RARE [Gacha]


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