Lunch is the best time

I’ll probably be still playing a School Girl when I’m 60” — Chris Lilley

Lunch is the best


Hair: Oleander  Minvera – Natural tones [FLF]



Outfit: Sn@tch – Larkin Mini Outfit [New]

Shoes: Insanya – Platform Oxfords – Solid

Socks: [Bubble] – Basic Prim Socks – Red

Stockings: Mignon – Little Doll Cafe – Knee High Socks



Choker: Astralia – Heart Choker

Necklace: Alterego – U can’t sit with us

Bracelets: Rama – Half Moon Cuffs

Milk: Melon Bunny – Snack Time – Strawberry Milk [Gacha]



Building: CMYK// 8. happy ending class rare

Desk: CMYK// 1. school desk set

Chair: CMYK// 1. school desk set

Locker: CMYK// 4. locker 1

Board: CMYK// 7. memo board

Notebook: Lost Junction –  School Set – #18 – Notebook Variant – Miscreant

Backpack: B.C.C – School canteen food-Shopping Backpacks RARE B

Sandwich: [Black Bantam] – Bag O’ Chips & Sammy From Home

Candy: [Black Bantam] –  Pocky Stick & Ziplocked Choco Star Cookie

Food Tray: [Black Bantam] – Cafeteria Lunch Tray Red

Pencils: [ keke ] – pencils and pens

Phone: The Sugar Garden – Keitai Smart Phone Beary san Lime

Macrons: REIGN.- Snack Cup- Macarons #19

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