Sir’s Valentine Special

Happy Belated Valentine everyone. Sorry I didn’t get this out yesterday, but I was being lazy and spending time with the specials in my life and Second Life. For a couple of days I was trying to figure out how to tell the special people in my Second life how I cherished them how I just plan ol’ loved them. So I bought a little low impact how on marketplace and I was given a blog package from Circa Living and some random items I found in my inventory. I set up this little love fest for Ma’am Imz and Sir Saka.


It really wasn’t intended for me to take a photo of the area it was just a little thank you to show them how much I just adore them, but Saka loved how I decorated it and decided to take a photo. Sneaky Saka takes photos when I am not looking and I thought I photo bombed her, but instead she was finished. So I instead took a photo with her so technically she photobombed me? Don’t know! But she makes a really amazing prop if you ask me! I would love to work with her again I had fun doing the 90s photo with her. I normally don’t do alot of collabs cause it’s a hassle, but we meshed really well together so any time she wants to duo bring it on!

If you would like to see more of Saka’s outfit please visit Saka’s Fashion Adventures

Oh and the 90’s photo will follow suit soon! Don’t worry!

Sir's Valentine Special

Hair: Sn@tch – London Hair – Gothics [New]

Particles: Cole’s Corner – Love Potion – Romantic Heart [New]

Wings: M.O.R – Lost Cherub Wings – Black Ink Bento Wings [Gacha]

Bell ring: [Bubble] – Basic Belly Piercing

Socks: Sweet Thing – Black Pawprint Socks



Sofa: Circa Living – “Kiss Me” Sofa PG – Velvet Cherry Red [New][@ Swank]

Heart sign: Circa Living – “To the Moon & Back” Hanging Heart Art – Red [New][@ Swank]

Cabinet: Circa Living –  “Kiss Me” Side Cabinet – White Wood [New][@ Swank]

Ottoman: Circa Living –  “Kiss Me” Ottoman PG – Velvet Black [New][@ Swank]

Rug:  Circa Living –  “Free Love” Area Rug – LOVE – Grey / Char

Bubbles: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations – Amore Bubble

Curtains: Circa Living – “Kiss Me” Curtains – Black Satin [New][@ Swank]

Motif: Circa Living – Vine Motif Strip – Left – Snow [New][@ Swank]

Hearts: Circa Living – “Free Love” Hanging Hearts on Rings – Reds

Food stand: Lark – Fondue – Food Stand C (15)

Chocolate: Lark – Fondue – Chocolate (18)

Cake: Aphrodite – Valentines cake [1L hunt]

Pizza: Bad Unicorn –  ‘Pizza or Boobs?’ Heart Pizza [New][20L gacha group members only]

Shrimp: Lark – Fondue – Plate Shrimp (4)

Chocolate 1: {yumyum} Chocolate REZ (cracked )

Chocolate 2: {yumyum}Chocolate REZ(almond)

Chocolate 3: {yumyum}Chocolate REZ(orange)

Note: ::Axix:: My love letter pen  & paper



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