Bloody Valentine

” You’re always hurting me and I can’t stand.”

“The ignorance in your eyes.”

“I don’t know how, I can’t explain.”

“The Pain arise day by day”


“Why do you always do what you want?”

“You never ask for me, don’t know my fears.”

“Can’t you understand the words I say to you?”

“Just keep your distance and don’t touch me”


“Please leave me alone!” 

Bloody Valentine

Eyes: Soul – Space Cat Eyes – Holy [New][Fatpack Exclusives Only][@ Applique]

Skin: Lumae – Eirate – Isiira – Bare

Mask: Soul – Fashun Mask – Open – Com – 3[New][@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival]

Bindi: Cureless – Moonlight Jewels

Choker: Hollyweird – Willow Choker

Bracelets: Le Morte – Suffering – Silver

Septum: Nox – Bone Septum – Aged

Temple Bolts: Death Row Designs – Bolts

Neck Bolts – Cute Poison – Neck Bolts

Blood: The White Crow – Alive



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