Different to me

“Screamin’ til we overdose”

“I almost did the other day”

“You can’t handle what you’re seein'”

“Baby, you should look away” 

“I was layin’ in the kitchen”

“Shit, i didn’t even Pray” 

“Smile all on my face” 

“This the shit that I embrace” 

Different to me


Hair: Sn@tch – Ingrid – Goths [New]

Eyes: Clemmm – I’m Tired – Green Bloodshot – Concave

Body: Maitreya – Lara



Top: Sn@tch – Hope Laced Knit Sweater [New]

Pants: Sn@tch – Bomber Latex Pants [New]



Drool: Arise – Lip Drool

Bracelet 1: The Horror – Chunk Bracelet Black

Bracelet 2: The Little Bat – Skelly Bracelet

Lip chain: CerberusXing – Deepforge Chains – Silver [Free]

Makeup: Psycho:Byts – Badass Fighter



Bed: Death Row Designs – SC Crack House drug bed

Paper: Soy – Papers – Spread – B & D

Laptop: Dutchie – Laptop

Food: Applefall – Chinese Takeout Boxes

Guns: Eyecandy – Comic Gun – Pastel

Display: Flite – Mypad Notebook Display – Brown

Ashtray: Hermony – Ashtray & Cigarettes

Beer: Epia – Bottle of Verona Beer

TV: Vespertine – Plastic Combo tv – licorice w/ old videotapes

Table: Death Row Designs – SC Crack House beer on table

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