Turn it – leave it – stop – format it

“Touch it – bring it – babe – watch it – turn it – leave it – stop – format it” 

Turn it - leave it - stop - format it.


Shrug: Apricot Paws – Claw Paw Shrug – Night

Top: Insanya – Raver Top

Corset: Insanya – Underbust Corset

Shorts: Insanya – Nicki Shorts – Solid

Boots: Insanya – d3mon1a Boots [Updated to fit most mesh bodies now, Shown worn on Maitreya Body]

Bodysuit: Insanya – Sheer set  Silhouette



Head: -Lexi- Low Poly Bun Head [New][Marketplace]

Head wings: Junk Shop Heibon – Aurora Wings Headgear [Marketplace]

Choker: Katat0nik – Monster 2 – Usb choker

Headphones: Astralia – Yoga earphones [New][@ C88] [ Cords tinted]

Chest piece: Nightmare – Bionic Display

Tail: S.I.G – Plug Tail – Audio Cord

Tattoo: Jeanette’s Joint – Gynoid/Android Tattoo [Marketplace]

Hearts: Cole’s Corner – Love Potion – Pure Heart [New][@ The Coven]

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