Sick and Disturbed

“What the hell is wrong with you.”

“What the hell is wrong with you.”

“The way you look, the way you are.”

“You think you are a fuckin’ star”

“The way you smile, the way you talk.”

“I even the hate the way you walk.”

“You speak of truth when you lie.”

“It’s even fake when you cry.”

“You make me sick, leave me alone.”

“Wake up, get a life on your own.”

“Your world is a lie, your truth is not mine.”

“Your words don’t hurt.”

“This one goes out to the sick and disturbed.”

“This is when two worlds collide.”

“The choice to be made, you decide.”

“I’m not the one who eats the dirt.”

“This one goes out to the sick.”


Sick and Disturbed





Hair: Sn@tch – Alice Hair – Naturals [New]

Skin: Soul – Gen2 – Fala – SE Albino – H2 [New][Special Edition][@ Winter Solstice! 25% Off]

Eyes: Cureless – Yuurei Eyes v1. – Purgatory



Corset: Insanya – Underbust Corset [UPDATED]

Thong: Insanya – Mesh Thong Gstring – Pack 1 [New]



Collar: Contraption & CX – Locke Collar – Tungsten

Tears: Cureless – Collyrium Tears – Clear [Tinted]

Amputee: Evermore. – Macabre Amputee – Arm Caps & Garters – Fresh+ & Fresh [Gacha]

Tongue: CerberusXing – Tongue Trap Pierced – Wooden

Piercings: Real Evil – Twisted Heart Nipple Piercings



Morgue Table: Souzou Eien – Morgue Simple Train Table

Building: Nomad – Workshop

Bucket: Sari-Sari – Abandoned Morgue – Bucket of Junk

Table: Roawenwood – Haruspex Table

Corpses: Contraption – Props Wrapped Corpses

Skulls: Contraption – Decor – Odd Skull 2 and 1


One reply to “Sick and Disturbed

  1. I like it. Surely the sockets can be universal and people can just wire them up with whatever country voltage flows through the mains? Meanwhile we’ve almost staenardisdd on USB (and mini) as the plug.

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