Chill Bill

“Said she wanna roll with me and smoke up all my weed”

“I said, “Bay just buy Dutches ’cause you can’t smoke for free”

“I got some loud, but no money, babe, buy me a Fiji.”

“She said, “you need a job,” bitch, fuck a job, I still get cheese.” 

Chill Bill


Hair: Sn@tch – Bo [Goths][New]

Hands: Vista – Bento Prohands



Jacket: Insanya – Devilicious Jacket

Outfit: Sn@tch – Through the woods [Previous Sn@tchin’ Fish]

Boots: Razor – Enforcer Boots



Goggles: Zombie Suicide – Spiked Googles

Wristbands: DillyDolls – Bellan Wristbands – Darks [New][@ Kawaii Project]



Environment: Bad Unicorn – B.A.D Backgroup [New][Free][Group Gift]

Vendor 1: Soy – Cigarette Vending Machine [New]

Vendor 2: Soy – Condoms Vending Machine [New]

Scooter: TMK – 2tone Skoota – Yellow [Tinted]

Bag: Miel – Courier Bag

Beer: Soy – Messy Beer Cans

Papers: Soy – Scattered Papers

Food: Soy – CSC – Yakisoba – Decor [New][@ The Arcade]

Poster: Soy – CSC – Poster – ” Put Garbage in Trash” [New][@ The Arcade]

Barrel: Urban Jungle – Fire Barrel with Smoke [Free][Market Place]

Oil Drum: Circa Living – Graffiti Town – Oil Drum Duo

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