Colored Corner

It’s been such a LONG time since I seen my original face and I tweaked it just a little bit. I thought to be a rebel and not blog the items since I work a mesh head, but I did sign up and read the rules and of course I was going to obey them. I huffed and puffed and thought about it for a long time, seriously I sat down and looked at the items and I thought I have to look at my original face?! I’ve grown accustomed to my mesh head I’m sorry.


Anyways the mesh item I’m wearing on my original face is Soul’s kisser lips Angie v2 opened. For those that don’t have mesh head’s these are worth it. She has an entire wall full of mesh lips of all sorts. Her lips were the first ones I’ve worn and fell in love with, not kidding them I bought a mesh head.  They come with Vampire teeth, buck teeth, I’m wearing the Vampire Double Fang teeth. Really can’t see them, but it’s there. The skin I’m wearing is Lumae Eirtae T9 Java Skin wear the hud and it’s already matched. No freckles so it’s just a regular skin.


Well that’s that folks. Enjoy the rest of the stats below.

Colored Corner


Hair: Sn@tch – Mia [Gothics] [New]

Skin: Lumae – Eirtae – T9 – Java

Eyes: Arise – Sunny Eyes

Lips: Soul: Kissers v.2 – Angie Open w/ Vampire Double Fang



Outfit: Sn@tch – Yeri Outfit [New]

Boots: Vale Koer  – Overstate Boots – Black



Horns: Soul – Pernkern Herns [New]

Eyepatch: Clemm – Not so medical Eyepatch

Necklace: Alterego – whoreible necklace

Cuffs: Ama. – Cute Cuffs



Poster: Zaara – Goa Party – Poster – Eat me

Lamp: Nach – Bat Neon Lamp

Bottle: Malo – Poison Jelly

Rugs: Caboodle – Ombre Rug – Purple & Blue

Notebook: DownDownDown – Photo Note

CD Player: Plehtora – CD Player – Green/Pink

Food: Cute Poison – Witch’s Brew Green, Skelly Cookie Pops, Eye cupcake green

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