“She asked me if I do this every day, I said ‘Often'”

“Asked how many times she rode the wave, ‘Not so often'”

“Bitches down to do it either way, often.”

“Baby I can make that pu**y rain, often.”

“Often, often, girl I do this often.”

“Make that pu**y pop and do it how I want it.”

“Often, often, girl I do this often.”

“Make that pu**y pop and do it how I want it.”





Hair: Doe – Karlie – Twotone – Candy [New][@]

Skin: Soul – Gen 2 – Fala – SE Ethereal – Leopard [New][VIP Group Lucky Chair][Must wear your VIP Tag to win/purchase]



Lingerie: Sn@tch – True Romance Lingerie [New][@ Applique]



Ears: Trap – Fishy Ears

Piercings: HoD – DraiM – Slide

Collar: Insanya – Collar with Leash

Cuff Set: CerberusXing – Stray’s Cuff Black

Toe Talons: CerberusXing – Heretic Nail Slink Flat [Tinted]

Belly Ring: Punch – Nyan Belly Piercing

Earrings: The Plastik – Anarchy & Jestyr [Spiked] Both Noir

Tongue: Soul – Lickers – Liz



Chaise: Circa Living – Va Voom – Baroque Chaise – Scarlet Velvet

Sake Set: CerberusXing – Sake Holder and cup

Book: The Horror – Amore Collection – Book N Stuff – Dark

Ashtray – Oyasumi – Ashtray w/cig

Condoms: Spunk – Condoms

Rug: Circa Living – Va Voom – Area Rug – Damask – Silver Grey


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