Sweet Hard Revenge

“I’ll hunt you down.”

“I’ll fuck you up and make you crawl.”

“To release my pain.”


“Revenge tastes so sweet.”


“I never knew it could be…”

Sweet Revenge


Hair: Doe – Sombr v2 – Fitted – Candy [New][Rare][@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival]

Skin: Lumae – Eirtae – T9 – Java – Bare – Freckles

Eyes: Devae – Eyes – Diabolist – Illuminated & Wisp [New][Limited Edition][Free No longer available]

Lipstick: Jinx – Theanella Lipstick Pack

Eyeshadow: Zombie Suicide – Sexy Eyeshadow – Teal

Ears: Trap – Demon Ears



Dress: Insanya – Sara Dress [New]

Stockings: Sn@tch – Kitten Latex Laced Stockings [Dark][New]

Boots: DillyDolls – Brighid Boots – Dark [New]



Horn: Soul – Caste of Thorns – Seer – Crackle Grad [New][@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival][[#10][Horns come per style/shape and per texture pattern]

Tongue: Soul – Lickers – v1.2 – Human Split

Piercing: HoD – DraciM- Slide [New][@ We <3 RP]

Heart: Dv8 – Atomic Heart

Tattoo: Gauze – Shiva – Fel-Lock Tattoo [New][Free][@ Nowhere Survival Horror Game]

Claws: CerberusXing – Lethal Talons – Black

Cuffs: Hollyweird – Malik Cuff

Choker: Hollyweird – Willow

Arm straps: Katatonik – Arm Straps

Aura 1: Cole’s Corner – Arcane Deep Beam Aura [Gacha]

Aura 2: Cole’s Corner – Cosmic Consciousness Aura (Mercurial) [Gacha]



Urns: Soul – Cremation Urn – Marble – Spilled, Open, and Sealed. [New]

Drapes: Circa Living – Nocturne – Long Drape Curtain – Violet [New][@ Swank]

Candle: Circa Living – Nocturne – Tall Candle Trio – Gift [New][Hunt Prize][@ Swank]

Ottoman: Circa Living – Nocturne – Ottoman – Violet [New][@ Swank]

Mirror: Circa Living – Gothic Standing Mirror – Grey Silver [New][@ Swank]

Rug: Circa Living – Area Rug – Dark Plum [New][@ Swank]

Vase: Circa Living – Flower Vase [New][Part of Living room set][@ Swank]

Candles: Livid – Day of the Dead Candles

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