Keep Out

“Back when there was nothing else.”

“Too blind to see my cap and bells,”

“I caused so much that would come back,”

“to haunt me till the end in black.”

“I sit and stare into the dark,”

“so sad I did not think to hark.”

“to what was in the air long ago,”

“telling me to mend what I sow”

Keep Out

Kissy, kissy face!


Hair: Doe – Kitty [Two-Tone] [New][@ Gacha Garden]

Mod: Ambix – Chrioptera [Phantom] [Comes with Ears, Horns, Skin, Tail and Wings]

Tail: Ambix – Beatle Geist Tail [Free Hunt item][The Nightmare Event, No longer available]



Top: Sn@tch – Sammi Ruffle Top [XSmall]

Skirt: [Bubble] – Tulip Skirt – Black Edition [XSmall]

Shoes: Insanya – Platform Oxforms – Solid [New]

Socks: Duh! – Baggy Sock Prim



Jewelry Set: [Bubble] – Bow Cross Coffin Set [New][Group Gift]

Cuffs and Collar: Katat0nik – School Ghoul Skull Cuff & Collar [Green & Purple] [Gacha]

Fog: Cole’s Corner: Soul Reaper Spectral Fog Aura

Rats: Schadenfreude – Lab Rats – Colorful 2 Head Crouched, Patterened 2 Head Eating, Self Ear Lab Rat RARE, Bones Flying Lab Rat [Gacha]



Table: Circa Living – Cthulhu in the Sea – Trap Table – Natural / Green [New][@ Genre]

Books: Circa Living – Cthulhu in the Sea – Vintage Books Decor [New][@ Genre]

Wheel 1: Circa Living – Cthulhu in the Sea – Wheel Light – Grey / Purple [New][@ Genre]

Wheel 2: Circa Living – Cthulhu in the Sea – Wheel Light – Natural / Green [New][@ Genre]

Sign: [Bubble] – Keep Out Neon Wall Decor v1 [New][@ Blood Horror Fair]

Stool: Circa Living – Cthulhu in the Sea – Round Stool – Purple [New][@ Genre]

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