Magical Kemono

I believe I can’t make my Kemono all dark and scary looking. It’s like a mental block when I try to do so and it turns out all kawaii and adorable; laugh out loud. So here she is in all her magical kawaii girl look.

Magical Kemono

Hair: Doe – Beth (twotone) – Colors

Mod: JapanDragon –  626 Inspired

Boobies: BB/MM – Kemono Boobies 2.5

Emitter: Cole’s Corner – Love Dusted – Kisses + Sparkles

Bracelets: Fujiwara’s World – Freshy Bracelet

Dress: Sn@tch – Therese Party Dress – Pink – Xsmall

Crown: Static – Royal Pixel Crown

Piercing: Glutz – Bone Septum

Horns: Bubble – Starry Candy Horns w/ Hud – Rare

Horns 2: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations – RavRav v1 ~ Tenebra – Horns – Black

Necklace: LoveFox – Kawaii Neko Collar

Wings: Sweet Buns – Chibhi Wings – Pink


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