Stego Kawaii

Manga Fair starts Aug 6th and here is a few items you can get there. Plus I’m rocking an amazing mod thanks to my friend Red who gave me the information to a new little furry gathering that happens on Sundays. Not sure if it’s EVERY Sunday or every other Sunday, well this past Sunday was Dino and I picked up this mod. Anyways, be sure to save lots of linden for some awesomeness from Manga Fair! Remember it starts Aug 6th!

Hair: Ayashi – Bonya Hair

Head: Paws – Finch Head

Body: Utilizator – Kemono

Manga Book Shelf: Love Fox – Anime Room – Big Shelf [Uncommon][3li][Gacha]

Rug: Love Fox – Anime Room – Kuma Rug [Rare][1li][Gacha]

Food: Lost Junction – Doc Bone’s Chicken 8 Piece Meal

Computer: Boom – Super Magical Portable Internet machine [Shiba]

Room: Love Fox – Anime Room – Bedroom Skybox [Ultra Rare][1li]

Dragons: Darkendstare – Diabolic Dragonlings – Pitchfork [Rare] & Ember [Fly]

Hedgehog: Darkendstare – Hedgehog Hodgepodge – Pineapple [Stand][Rare] & Dragonfruit [Stand][Rare]


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