Ferret Domicile

I hadn’t figured out what to name my ferret girl here. I was happy to wear her again even though it’s hella hard to fit hair on her due to the shape of her hair. I’m slowly tweaking her and getting her properly how I want too. Each one of my girls has their own identity once and normally I start with a name and build it from there.

Well after a day I finally came up with a name with hard thinking and at 1:26am, Spencer Bastina Mejia is born.

Her two pet ferret companions are named Avalon & Hermip



Hair: Truth – Hadley – Reds

Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body



Dress: Goth1c0 – Haunt Dress – Blue



Bow: Winged – Bow Headband

Septum: Zombie Suicide – Octo Septum Piercing

Bracelets: Zombie Suicide – Punky Studs Bracelets [New][@ Rock Attitude Fair 3][Closes On Saturday]

Necklace: Meva – Stone Necklace

Nailpolish: Dark Passions –  Over the Moon



Couch: Circa Living –  “Horizon” – Chaise Right – In Colors [New][@ Roulett3]

Ottoman: Circa Living – “Horizon” – Ottoman – In Colors [New][@ Roulett3]  [The Aloe planters actually have a reflection of the couches, the other planter and room]

Phone: The Sugar Garden – Keitai Smart Phone Beary San Lime

Game Console: Birdy – The Gamer- Console – Bunny – 2

Food: Kalopsia – Food Boxes 2

Drink: Le Primitif – Bottle Soda – Lemon Lime 2

Tablet Set: Flite – Mypad Notebook Display – Brown

Ferret Display: Jian – Ferret Habitat

Ferrets: Jian – Hold & Neck Hugger






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