It feels good to be able to post again! Real life has taken a extremely hard toll on me these couple of months and I’m sorry my posts have dropped down to hardly nothing. I promise in the next couple of months I’ll be catching up on my posts but it’s going slowly. Dealing with a ill family member is really time consuming and takes a toll. It’s just good to get some sort of creative juice out.

I’m not doing a very good close up glamour post my photo should be big enough for you to zoom in to see all the items closely and so forth. I’m seen sporting some free items from the Women’s only hunt and more items from several events including new releases from: Insanya, Zombie Suicide, Appliers ‘R’ Us, Dilly Dolls, LouLou&Co, and Epic.



Hair: Doe – Heather

Skin: Lumae – Eirate – T8 – Mocha



Bathing suit: Epic – Monster Mouth Bodysuit – Orange [Free][Women’s Only Hunt]

Shoes: Dilly Dolls – Willa Sandals – Summer Edition 2016 [New] [Slink Mid Feet]



Glasses: Insanya – Cali Sunglasses [Free][Women’s Only Hunt]

Septum: Zombie Suicide – Gwen Septum [New][@ Bodyfy]

Dermal: Zombie Suicide – Invert Cross Thigh Piercing [Free][Women’s Only Hunt]

Piercings 2: Punch – Nameless

Tattoo: Chemical Princess – Cupcake Tattoo [Free][Women’s Only Hunt]

Necklace: LouLou&Co – Necklace – Shelly

Nailpolish: Appliers’R’Us – AQua Mani/Pedi



Circa Living: Beach Tropic – Towel – 5 colors

Circa Living: Beach Tropic – Hammock – Redwood

Chez Moi Furnitures: Beach Shower Ibiza



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